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About Me

Anyone can learn to paint at any age.

I am currently a member of the Artists of River Town in Oroville, CA. For several years I was a member of  Central California Art Association in Modesto, CA where I participated in workshops led by Anise Burns, Dan Petersen, and Virginia White.

I have also participated in workshops taught by other outstanding artists.

2014 Tony Couch

2015 Iain Stewart

2016 Joyce Hicks

2017 Paul Jackson

2017 Soon Y. Warren

2017 Brenda Swenson

2018 Jeannie Vodden

2018 Birgit O'Connor (online)

2019 Jeannie Vodden

2019 Nancy Medina (online)

2020 Jeannie Vodden (online)

2020 Nancy Medina (online)


My work has been shown in both the Mistlin Art Gallery in Modesto, CA, the Delicato Art Show in Manteca, CA, with the Artists of Rivertown in Oroville, CA, and the California Butte County Fair.  Private shows have been in Consign/Design and Mug Shots Coffee House in Oroville, CA.


Flowers are my favorite subject because they remind me of my Grandmother's flower garden. She had a wide variety of fruit trees in her front yard, and she grew rings of flowers around each tree. Starting with the tallest flowers near the tree trunks, each additional ring around the tree was progressively shorter until the flower rings converged in sweeping curves and finally everything was edged in white alyssums. As a child, it was like running around in a fairy garden.

I enjoy the way watercolors always give surprises. An artist never has total control of the medium, and this is what keeps it fresh and exciting. The challenges always call me back, and when I'm drawing or painting, all problems go away and I'm off in my own world -- back in my grandmother's flower garden.

Since 2019, I have been learning to paint with acrylic paints. It has been quite a challenge because acrylics are the opposite of watercolor. Watercolor dries slowly, and acrylics dry fast. Watercolor dries lighter, and acrylics dry darker. Watercolor can blend into amazing color mixes, acrylics go right where you put the brush. There are no "happy accidents" with acrylics, but at least I can paint over them!

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